Khuda Jaane Keyboard Notes | खुदा जाने Keyboard नोट्स

Khuda Jaane Piano Notes For Beginners | Bachna Ae Haseeno

“Khuda Jaane” is a Hindi song from the 2008 Bollywood movie “Bachna Ae Haseeno”. The song is a romantic ballad, sung by the popular Bollywood playback singers, KK and Shilpa Rao. The music for the song is composed by the renowned music director duo, Vishal-Shekhar, and the lyrics are penned by Anvita Dutt Guptan.

The song is about the overwhelming feeling of falling in love and surrendering oneself completely to the person they love. The lyrics express the uncertainty and the confusion one experiences when they are in love, and how they feel as if they have lost themselves in their beloved. The song also speaks about the divine nature of love, and how one’s lover can become their “khuda” (god).

The music of “Khuda Jaane” is a fusion of Indian classical and western pop music, and the song has a beautiful melody and arrangement that complements the lyrics. The use of piano and guitar in the song gives it a soft and romantic touch, while the use of Indian instruments such as the sitar and tabla adds a traditional Indian flavor to the music.

Overall, “Khuda Jaane” is a beautiful and soulful love song that has won the hearts of many music lovers. The song is a perfect blend of meaningful lyrics, melodious music, and soulful vocals that make it a timeless classic.

Khuda jaane piano notes

Song    :    Khuda jaane

Film      :    Bachana a Hasino

Chords:     C, D, G, Am

Transpose: +1

Intro music:

notes-  D E A E D   D E A E D  B D E A E D   D E G A

Chords- G    Am     G   Am     G     Am      G      Am

Sajde Mein Yuhin Jhukta Hoon

A E   A    E D   E G    C

 Am             G     C

Tum Pe Aake Hi Rukhta Hoon

B   E  B E  D  E G    C

C             G     C

Kya Yeh Sabko Hota Hai

D   E   C D   B C  A

 G       Am     G   Am

Humko Kya Lena Hai Sab Se

E G   E   G E  G   A   G


Tum Se Hi Sab Baathe Ab Se

E   G  E  G   D G    A  G

C                G

Ban Gaye Ho Tum Meri   Dua..

F#  G F# G  F#  E D F# E E

 D                       C

Khuda Jaane Ke..

A C E G F#  D


Mein Fidaa Hoon

D    C E   C


Khuda Jaane Ke..

A C E G F#  D


Mein Mit Gaya..

D    D   C E


Khuda Jaane Yeh Kyun Hua Hai

A C E G F#  D   C B  A B C

D                C

Ke Ban Gaye Ho Tum Mere   Khuda..

C  B   C B  C  B   A G B  A A

C             G            Am

Tu Kahe To Tere Hi

F# A F# A  F# A B

D                  G

Ek Dhum Ke Mein Nishano Pe

A# A#   B  B    A B A#  A#

 G                 A

Chaloon Rukoon Ishaare       Pe..

A F#    A F#   A F# E F# A   A

 D                         Am

Tu Kahe To Khwab Ka Bana Ke Mein Bahana Sa

Mila Karoon Sulaane Pe..

Hoo…Tumse Dil Ki Baathe Seekhi

B   B C   A   G  E G    A G

 G                  C

Tumse Hi Yeh Raahe Seekhi

D G   A  C   B A   G F#

 D             G

Tum Pe Mar Ke Mein To  Jee Gaya..

F#  G  F#  G  F#   E D F#  E E

 D                     Am

Khuda Jaane Ke.

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