Here Is The Funniest Masakali 2.0 Memes, Jokes And Trolls

Masakali 2.0

Here Is The Funniest Masakali 2.0 Memes , Jokes And Trolls

A R Rehman has been weaving magic with his music and we may forget the movies, but his songs stay with us. Forever. Among many other hits, the music maestro gave us great melodies in the film Delhi-6

There was madness in the song Kala Bandar, devotion in Arziyan, blooming love in Rehna Tu and then there was Masakali, filmed on the iconic terraces of old Delhi in the backdrop of Jama Masjid and through the maze of congested lanes. For those of us who were in their teenage at the time of the release of the film, the song is a relic of the past. It is memory and it brings nostalgia. The last thing we would ever want would be a remake of this song. REMAKE of an AR Rehman song! But the deed has been done and we have a Masakali 2.0 and what a disaster.

It is so bad that words seem to be falling short, but thanks to the world of memes for saying it all in not as many words. Meme lords are at the job again and are ruthlessly bashing the remake.

Indian People’s Reaction on Masakali 2.0 Memes

Mohit Chauhan to AR Rahman after watching Masakali 2.0 #ekaurtattiremix

Mohit Chauhan to AR Rahman after watching Masakali 2.0 #ekaurtattiremix

Masakali 2.0

Me after listening Masakali 2.0

Rula diyaa naa bechari ko ..

Band karo bhai band kro, Khule mein hagna bnad kro..


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